Millbrook Rotary Club hosts meeting and dinner for exchange student

Exchange student Marina Baleller Molla, who is spending the school year with the Mark Vila family in Millbrook and as a student at Millbrook High School, has a pensive moment before her presentation of her life at home and in America in a slide show at the Wednesday, Feb. 28, Rotary Club dinner meeting at the Millbrook Cafe.

Judith O'Hara Balfe

Millbrook Rotary Club hosts meeting and dinner for exchange student

MILLBROOK — The Millbrook Rotary Club held a combined meeting and dinner at The Millbrook Café Wednesday, Feb. 28.

John Hedbavy, past president of the Salisbury (Connecticut) Rotary Club, was a guest, and the special guest was Martina Balaller Molla, an exchange student from Spain who is spending a school year with the Mark Vila family in Millbrook through the Rotary Club. She is 17, a junior, and has a twin sister, Serafina, who is an exchange student in Canada, both having gotten placement through the International Rotary Club. So far, as well as being a student in Millbrook High School, she has been to Washington, D.C., Boston and New York City. She has also been hiking and skiing, and was delighted to see “Wicked” on Broadway.

Molla entertained the group with a slide presentation about her hometown, some typical dishes from home, festivals that are celebrated, and her hobbies. She is a ballerina and also likes to play games. She will be in Millbrook until the end of the school year.

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