Of odd-even rations and a Dairy Goat Princess

The following excerpts from The Millerton News were com- piled by Kathleen Spahn, Vivian Sukenik, Nancy Vialpando and Rhiannon Leo-Jameson of the NorthEast-Millerton Library.

91 years ago: March 9, 1933

‘About Millerton’: Martin Black has recovered from his recent illness and is able to be out again.

Worthy Pulver, Harry Miller, Malcom Hunter and Thomas Flood were in New York City attending a Chevrolet meeting.

‘Lost’: Large foxhound on Mt. Riga. Blue, speckled brown ears, large collar. Louis Lindsay, Millerton

50 years ago: March 14, 1974

‘Residents Favor Odd-Even System’: Most Millerton citizens polled by The News this week reported that they approved of the odd-even gasoline rationing system in New York […] “It does seem to be working,” said Patricia Ambrose of Irondale. “I’ve had much less trouble getting gas than several months previously. There was less waiting in line.” The basic complaints were the hours the area fueling stations were open and the high price of gasoline.

‘Dairy Goat Club Seeks Princess’: The Progressive Dairy Goat Club is sponsoring a Miss Dairy Goat Princess contest. The Dairy Goat Princess must be between the ages 12-20, talented, single, and have an interest in goats. The prize is a $25 savings bond or a purebred kid goat.

25 years ago: March 11, 1999

‘Cub Scouts Display Craft, Sportsmanship’: The Millerton Cub Scout Pack 43 recently completed a family event. The youngsters built their own cars and spaceships, and then raced them […] The winners of the competitions were as follows: Den 1: (Space Derby) Larry Watson, Stephen Bradley and Charlie Porteus. Den 2: (Pinewood Derby) Rich Katan, Dustin Smith and Andrew Watson. Den 3: (Pinewood Derby) Nicholas Carlin, Richard Peek and Patrick McCaffery.

‘Three Plots Proposed for Historic District’: Three properties in the town of North East have been proposed for listing in the New York State Register of Historic Places. They are: The Dakin-Coleman Farm on Coleman Station Road, the Thomas N. Wheeler Farm on Indian Lake Road at Mill Road, and the Oliver Barrett House on Regan Road […] the properties will be considered by the state review board.

‘Residents Decry Lack of Town Support for Rec Programs’: A large contingent of parents appeared at the March 8 joint meeting between the village of Millerton and town of North East to support the formation of a joint recreation commission between the town and village. “The parents feel the board is dragging its feet,” said Joe Matteo, president of the Millerton Minor League. “We request it be done in a more expedited fashion.” […] “Financial sponsorship of the minor and softball teams over the past three years has come solely from the generosity of the merchants of Millerton and North East,” he stated. “No funding whatsoever has come from the village of Millerton or town of North East.”

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