Millerton Business Alliance talks website changes, holiday events

MILLERTON — While enduring a late-season heat wave, it was difficult to envision Halloween ghouls and Christmas trees, but the Millerton Business Alliance (MBA) did just that at its meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 6, held at the Millerton Inn.

Co-chairs Dana Scarpa and Jeremy Boviard initially opened the meeting with a discussion of renovating MBA’s website. Incorporated into the discussion was the aspect of dues; members pay $100 per year and are included on the website. However, there are businesses on the site that have not paid dues, as well as mentions of businesses no longer operating in Millerton.

It was generally agreed that there needs to be major changes to the site. It was suggested that the group keep in mind that the main purpose of the organization is to bring shoppers to Millerton, and that adding a calendar of events might be a good idea. 

One suggestion made was that if a business doesn’t pay dues, only its name is mentioned, with no link to its individual website. Another suggestion was that the site itself needs to be cleansed and updated; possibly a person will be hired to revamp the site. 

It was pointed out that most of the MBA members are busy tending to their own businesses, so an outside person might be needed. Further discussion will be held at a later meeting. In the meantime, new members are being sought and welcomed to the group through the ongoing membership drive.

Halloween was the next item on the agenda, and NorthEast-Millerton Library director Rhiannon Leo-Jameson affirmed that the library and the Irondale Schoolhouse will partner to bring trunk or treat and a haunted house to the youngsters of Millerton. The event will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 31, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the parking lot adjacent to Harney and Sons on Main Street. 

Cars can sign up for the trunk or treat at the library and MBA websites. The Millerton Fire Department may bring lighted fire trucks to the adjacent parking lot; those plans are still being made. MBA would like to donate candy to the event. Email will be sent to MBA members asking them to participate by giving out candy or treats in their stores on Saturday, Oct. 28, and the North East Community Center will be having a Halloween event along with its market on that day as well.

Volunteers are needed for the Millerton Festival of Lights, to be held on Friday, Nov. 24, to set up tents and tables in the park. Other volunteer positions are two or three people to work the raffle station, and people to sign up businesses to participate in the build-a-snowman program as well as to hand out posters to participating businesses. A few are also needed to help at the Moviehouse handing out raffle tickets and directing street traffic.

Now through the end of October, there will be a cannabis farm stand in the alley by the diner on Main Street with three different growers and distributors on weekends. There will be added signage going forward. Hours vary, but start about noon.

   MBA’s next meeting will be on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 5:15 p.m., at the Millerton Inn, 53 Main St.

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