Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 7-9-20

Thanks, NECC

I am writing to thank the North East Community Center (NECC) and spotlight their amazing work within our community. My son has attended their after-school program at Webutuck Elementary School for the last few years and enjoys the program so much he wants to go every day. The staff that work at the after-school program are the kindest and most caring individuals. They know the kids and their needs so well and have always gone above and beyond to teach and engage them. 

When COVID caused the shut down of the school buildings, they continued to meet weekly with “their kids” at no cost to families, providing hours of social interaction and well-planned activities that my guy looked forward to every week. In addition, they reset all of the balances for after-school care to zero, allowing families to use that money toward bills that needed to be paid during this difficult time for many. 

This summer, they are providing virtual summer camp, which I’m sure will be fun and engaging just as everything else they have done. They have also taken over the food program from the Webutuck School District and are providing meals to families for the summer. Those are only some of the many services they provide our communities with.  

It is always easy to point out things that our small towns lack, but it is even more important to recognize the value of something as amazing as the NECC. Thank you for being such an outstanding resource for our community. And to the staff…you are all amazing. I appreciate you! (And you also get a special shout out from Jack… he loves you all so much!)

If you would like to donate or get involved, please visit their webpage at www.neccmillerton.org.

Jessica Elliott



Cartoon was funny and accurate

In response to Bruce Valentine’s “Careful who you call ‘stupid’” piece that was in the June 25 Letters to the Editor, commenting on the “Herd Stupidity” comic in the June 18 issue, Mr. Valentine states that he “would think the local papers would be smart enough not to label American citizens as ‘stupid.’”He goes on to say that the cartoon should have depicted rioters, looters and the anti-police mob.

I think the cartoon was not only funny, but accurate. The paper did not label American citizens as stupid. The paper was labeling Trump supporters as being stupid, or to be more accurate, Trump supporters’ behavior as being stupid.

If one chooses to be in a crowded space, and on top of that not wear a mask, the nicest thing one can say is, “That is stupid.”

When our inept, petulant, narcissistic, demagogue/dictator refuses to embrace and believe in science, that is stupid.

When his base believes the Carny Barker, instead of believing the scientists who are experts in their field, that is stupid.

The majority of Americans are left baffled and confused as to how and why his base is not perceptive enough to see that this Orange Fraud is nothing more than a lying white supremacist who is only interested in himself and cares naught about your health, welfare and safe being. Continuing to support him is stupid.

This Russian supporting, un-American, selfish, weak, thin-skinned, irresponsible, rapacious failure has made this country an embarrassment and joke to the rest of the world. World leaders look upon him and think, “He’s stupid.”

The only thing this Dumpster Fire has done for this country is create division, spread hate and promote moral corruption, grow his bank accounts for himself and his kids and erode our democracy. Continuing to support and believe in him is stupid.

Although rioting and looting are never OK, imagine the frustration, rage and hopelessness that must be felt to behave in that way. The Loser has done nothing to try and calm that rage or attempt to show any empathy or provide any assurance that he will support any positive changes. That is stupid.

With respect to anti-police mobs being stupid, I have not seen any anti-police mobs on TV or social media. I have seen many peaceful protests, which are not stupid, and per our Constitution, they are legal and I believe they are necessary. They are just as necessary today as they were in the 60’s when white and Black kids protested the Vietnam War and supported the Civil Rights movement, all for a better society based around unity.

Unfortunately, our unfit snowflake president does not support unity in any way, shape or form, and that’s stupid.

Andrew Stayman

Pine Plains

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