Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News -9-24-20

All Americans must wake up

John Walters and I have had a few back and forth letters by now. I am hoping the next step will not be a duel. 

Oddly, I just finished reading “It Can’t Happen Here,” a 1936 novel by Sinclair Lewis. It’s the story of a Vermont newspaper editor, who watches a folksy, not too bright, corrupt politician become president. Soon he shuts down a free press and demonstrations. His supporters take up arms, and vow to fight those radical dangerous folk who dare to oppose him. It ends in dictatorship.

Actually it CAN happen here, and your president has been taking us down that path. Cities have not been “devastated by anarchy.” There have been many peaceful demonstrations and some instances of looting. Fox News only shows and hysterically repeats what they want you to believe. There have been several killings by white supremacists since Trump began encouraging them.

These groups have stated plainly that they look to “start a civil war.” 

I can understand that “political correctness” can be frustrating to folks who grew up denigrating women, gays, foreigners and Blacks. The Declaration of Independence states “all men are created equal.” While the founding fathers were all white men, their intention seems pretty clear to me. Those historical monuments you mention are almost all for Confederate officers (traitors). Erected under early 20th Century Jim Crow, they reminded Blacks of “their place.” 

I agree that Native Americans are also due reparations for their genocide and stealing their land. Being Jewish and gay, you don’t really have to remind me about the Nazis. But Trump’s latest declaration, that schools ought to teach “Patriotic education” is close enough to book burning for me. I assume he means editing out slavery, labor strife, immigration stories and FDR? 

I also agree that we are on the brink, and that our institutions are under attack. But it is by this know-nothing president and his enabling Senate. 200,000 folks dead of COVID indicates what happens when you sideline the CDC, demean scientists and then abandon any coherent federal response. All for a Republican party itching to stay in power forever, appoint judges uninterested in human rights, continue giveaways to corporations and the richest 0.1%, and eliminate healthcare for all (especially women). 

This is shameful, not patriotic! I am a liberal, and the flag I follow is Old Glory.

The GOP doesn’t anymore. I do hate the president, but only because he is a terrible human being and incapable of doing the job. He has no strategy or policy, other than dividing people to get re-elected. He cares nothing about the people — nor about our troops. He’s accelerating climate change. You elected a nasty, selfish, amoral failed businessman/TV reality star to lead the country. Get your head out of your Fox News. Recognize you have gotten scammed into allowing Fascism to grow, right HERE.  

Leo J. Blackman 



Census 2020: Your urgent response is needed

The town of North East and village of Millerton have the lowest Census response rates in Dutchess County. 

Our response rate is 49% (in the town) and 46% (in the village). The response rate in 2010 was 60%. 

You can see data at: www.censushardtocountmaps2020.us

The Census count only occurs every 10 years.  

The results determine how federal funding is distributed in the nation. Plus, how state and local governments will plan and implement programs/services. Money is allocated to our local region for: schools, senior services, roads, utilities, programs for rural areas, etc. 

Just wondering, what is going on in our area?  

The Census is not political.  Dollars are dollars; our area needs to be represented in the count. Our area needs the money. 

Please respond this week… as the Census ends Sept. 30.

If you don’t have your Census form to complete and return, then please respond via the internet or phone.   

It’s easy… just advise your physical street address and continue to answer questions.

By law, personal information given is confidential; only the regional totals are shared with other government agencies.

The Census website is: www.my2020census.gov, or call 844-330-2020 (English) or 844-468-2020 (Spanish).

Thanks in advance.

Meg Winkler 

North East


Thanks for your votes

Thank you, Village of Millerton residents, for taking the time to vote on Sept. 15th in the board elections. I look forward to serving a second term as a trustee.

I truly appreciate the support!

Alicia Sartori

Returning village trustee


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