See it… believe it… do it!:  In times of stress, we all need a vision
Vision boards are created to provide affirmation of goals and dreams and to help visualize the pathway to one’s desired future. Boards can be made from many sources and whatever materials one has on hand, including photos, images from magazines and other common items. Photo submitted

See it… believe it… do it!: In times of stress, we all need a vision

MILLBROOK — People are going through stressful times just now, maybe the most stressful they have known. They deal with stress in many different ways, and should be open to new ideas about how to deal with that stress. The town of Washington recently provided an online seminar that used the concept of vision boards and visualization to not only help residents deal with the stress of living during a pandemic, but to possibly help them face the future with a better idea of who they are and what they want to be.

In a three-part seminar presented on three different days, conducted by Cacillia Wyman, detailed instruction made using vision boards seem easy. 

Wyman donated her time and expertise to the free seminar, presented by the Town of Washington Recreation Department, and those who participated were most appreciative. The workshop included how visualization tools can support personal goals. And what better time, when people are ensconced at home, to think about what the future could hold?

The workshop helped motivate participants to set aside time for bringing positives into their lives; some worked on the project alone, some as a family. Assistant Recreation Director Kelly Cassinelli reported that the seminar was a complete success, and that the town hopes to present another one soon. 

A vision board is a collage, using poster board, cork board, a picture frame, of any size or color — it doesn’t matter — use photos, images, words, visual affirmations of what is important, enduring symbols of what is appealing and uplifting. A vision board may help one to feel more in control of the future. It is also a vision of hope, of future plans, of ambitions and of dreams one wants to come true.

Wyman guided her students each day to include their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations on their boards. The boards become motivators — designed to inspire. The boards can be geared toward improved health, career, travel, family or any other goals one may have.

“In our current world it is so important to focus on things we are grateful for and also to look ahead into the future. That’s what a vision board does,” said Wyman, who is a teacher in Pine Plains. 

To underline the success of the program, Cassinelli provided insight from participants, notably one woman who learned a lot. 

“I had no idea what to expect for this three-day vision boarding seminar,”  said Rebecca V. “The pacing of the course gave me the opportunity to focus on what’s really important to me. The actual making of the vision board ended up being a lot of fun… I am excited to see where this leads and cannot wait to see results for my life.”  

Once known, the date and time of the next seminar will be posted on the town website, at 

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