Millbrook celebrates New Year’s Eve

MILLBROOK — For the first time in several years, the Rotary Club of Millbrook presented New Year’s Eve Millbrook, and while it lasted only two hours, it was deemed a great success by those who attended.

It featured music — the Hammerhead Horns were at Lyall Church — and there was a crafts center, a model train layout, and Millbrook Mayor Tim Collopy conducted two games: a cornhole game and a plane-through-a-hoop game.

At Grace Church there was Art Lillard’s On Time Band; The Puppet People with performances of “The Wizard of Oz”; Beyond Twisting Balloons; and Two by Two Animal Haven, where, among other delights, one could handle a snake.

Food was available at Millbrook VFW Post 908, featuring hot dogs, chili dogs, snacks, hot cocoa and coffee.

Photo by Judith O’Hara Balfe

Miss Pride of New York, Arianna Tice of Newburgh, was present to greet party goers at Grace Church, passing out programs and enjoying the music of Art Lillard’s On Time Band, playing on New Year’s Eve in Millbrook.

“New Year’s Eve Millbrook exceeded our expectations. The streets were lively with great energy and laughter. People were dancing and the kids were having a blast with all the different activities and performances,” said Michelle DelValle, Millbrook Rotary Club president. “From volunteers to our sponsors and every person who came to celebrate together, it was really heartwarming and fun to be a part of bringing this event back.”

Director and event co-chair Ashley Lempka added: “We were so thrilled to be able to bring back New Year’s Eve Millbrook to the community. After a hiatus since 2016, this revival was well-attended with almost 500 attendees. The participants were so enthusiastic and excited to have the event back, and are looking forward to seeing it expand in the future.”

DelValle and Lempka added that they were very grateful to have wonderful volunteers who helped the evening go very smoothly, as it couldn’t have been done without them.

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