Football, canned hams, a “storm of controversy”

The following excerpts from The Millerton News were com- piled by Kathleen Spahn, Vivian Sukenik, Nancy Vialpando and Rhiannon Leo-Jameson of the North East-Millerton Library.

91 years ago:
February 1933

Mrs. Alzina Reed, who is working in White Plains, was in town on Saturday on business.

“Lost and Found”: Bank book No. 2099 of The Millerton National Bank. Payment stopped. All persons are cautioned not to purchase or negotiate the same. Please return to the BANK, Millerton, N.Y. 2t

50 years ago:
February 1974

State Urban Development Corporation is considering the Brick Block Hotel for renovation. Millerton Library may consider expanding into some of the space if it can be renovated. It is hoped by area residents that tenants interested in renovation of the building can be found.

Rosemary Oles, a senior at Webutuck Central High School, was notified that she is to be featured in the eighth edition of Who’s Who Among American High School Students for the second time.

Cindy Webb has been named the Webutuck High School’s 1973-1974 Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow. She is now eligible to compete for state and national honors.

Millerton Super specials:

Turkeys - 55 cents a pound

Canned Hams - $4.59 for 3 pounds plus 100 extra Triple S Blue Stamps

Oranges - 79 cents a dozen

D’Anjou pears - 6 for 49 cents

Iceberg Lettuce - 23 cents a head

25 years ago:
February 1999

Millerton: All the fire equipment in the Harlem Valley might not be enough to douse the storm of controversy surrounding the proposed purchase of a $250,000 rescue vehicle by the Millerton Fire Department.

Emotions ran so high at one point Friday the debate spilled out onto the street [...] Luckily as the smoke cleared, cooler heads prevailed.

Webutuck: It looks like football for Webutuck boys is one step closer to becoming a reality. [...] Phys Ed Director Doug Winslow made a pitch to the Board of Ed for a combined football program featuring players from Webutuck and Stissing Mountain Junior-Senior High School in Pine Plains [...] Webutuck has not had a football program since the 1950s, while Pine Plains has had a well-established program for many years [...] Superintendent Justine Winters said there was always the possibility that the Pine Plains Board of Ed would reject the proposal. “There would be a mini-riot if they did,” quipped Mr. Ryan, a parent from Pine Plains.

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